Peter Hauptutilitas GmbH is one of Germany’s leading IT service providers and software companies for Microsoft Cloud technologies in Germany. We deliver the best expertise – from Office 365 consulting and cloud software to Managed Services. What does this mean for you? Our tools will help you cut your operating costs and boost employee productivity.


Our strengths lie in our familiarity with local environments as well as cloud solutions. In addition to providing the best technical expertise for Microsoft Cloud technologies, we also know how to connect these with local environments to create hybrid systems.

utilitas TeamWe have a thorough understanding of the economic and technical processes at our customers, ask the right questions and suggest proven, easy to run solutions that promote productivity – and implement these as quickly as possible. Our focus is always on achieving the most functional and efficient system.

Our project managers always have an overview of the results and the methodology employed to achieve them. In addition to creating plans to implement cloud strategies, they ensure that the necessary steps are also taken at your company. They always achieve their goals – even when confronted with unexpected obstacles.

Last but not least, we were recognized by “Great Place to Work” in 2015 and 2016. We are proud of our great employees and provide them with a flexible, appealing workplace that they can shape in line with their preferred style of work – thanks in part to our own use of cloud technologies.


utilitas GmbH and its customers could never be this successful without its dedicated team of expert employees. Our employees share their expertise with each other to promote their professional growth, and are very appreciated by our customers.

Utilitas Team
Peter Haupt and the utilitas team


Our sales and staff have grown considerably since our foundation in 2001. We offer an exciting portfolio of services and products for our clients. Market developments have consistently driven demand for these products ever since. Our unwavering focus on customer benefit has resulted in high customer satisfaction, which we have turned into consistent, sustainable development.