We provide the best environment for strong development – if you have the desire to make a difference.

Geschäftsführer Peter Haupt bei der Preisverleihung von »Great Place to Work 2016«
CEO Peter Haupt at the awards ceremony from »Great Place to Work 2016«

At utilitas, it is important to us to encourage and support your personal, professional and technical development. This is why we work with you to find the point at which where your professional goals meet ours, and define a framework for you to achieve your personal development objectives.


At utilitas, you can choose when and where you work– under three conditions: You meet your defined goals, comply with customer requests and deadlines, and attend one group Friday in the office in Aachen. This is when we all convene to have lunch together and share our experiences. We can afford to have this type of freedom because we focus specifically on results. It’s mostly up to you how you achieve them.


utilitas TeamWe’re convinced that our team can only perform its best when everyone works together, exemplifies the same values and enjoys their work in a cheerful, positive environment. This is why we have lunch together every Friday and organize weekly meetings about our company values. Of course, the great office space and environment help keep our employees satisfied. In addition, we organize personal meetings each month to eliminate any conflicts that might arise. Every year, we conduct an anonymous employee survey in collaboration with “Great Place To Work”. Being named the best ITC employer in 2015 and 2016 inspires us to continue investing in our employees and their development.


We are focused on and actively promote your personal development. As your sparring partner, we work with you to explore your goals and find where these intersect with our aims as a company. We also organize biannual development discussions and a monthly look back to address specific problems and areas for improvement. The quarterly company meeting provides details about the overall development at utilitas.

Of course, your professional and technical development is important to us. We support you by creating the framework for independent training and further education. We provide access to a testing environment for new Office 365 tools, online training courses, e-books, audio books, etc. You can also participate in conventions and conferences – especially ones organized by Microsoft – and have access to any number of virtual machines in Azure. We also have a special mentor and coaching model in place to help young employees in particular with their professional development.


Peter Haupt und Patrick Ghys
Peter Haupt and Patrick Ghys

Reliable managers that always have time to listen and actively help you achieve your goals – this is the high standard we uphold in our organization every day. We also believe in keeping communication open: Every month, our employees sit down with their superiors to discuss their self-assessments and get valuable feedback on their performance and development. We also conduct anonymous management surveys, which give all employees the chance to share their own feedback. This helps us ensure that our managers are competent – in every respect.