utilitas is one of Germany’s leading IT service providers and software companies for Microsoft Cloud technologies. We focus on Office 365 consulting, Managed Services and cloud software.


utilitas TeamExpert know-how in Microsoft Cloud technologies is still rare, which is why we want to attract major new clients with our strong expertise. We are currently focused on German companies with at least 250 PC workstations, which represent a target market of around 3,000 companies. We offer our Managed Services to promote long-term loyalty with these customers, offering technical departments Office 365-based solutions for productivity, office organization and cooperation. Cloud software is another product we offer to technical departments.

We do aim to market our cloud software internationally as well. In the medium term, however, we want to gradually expand our portfolio to continue our growth with the clients we acquire.


Good team relationships are the basis for shared success. This is why we are very focused on our values and ensure that our employees exemplify them within our organization:

  • I keep my word.
  • I’m friendly and direct in my communication.
  • I want to understand my client’s business.
  • I want to develop myself further.
  • I clear up conflicts personally.
  • I see criticism as an opportunity to improve.
  • I use straightforward language that is easy to understand.

Each week, we focus on a different value. We remind our employees in e-mails and calendar entries, and chat about what this value means each Friday over coffee. The best thing about this custom: It not only promotes a strong, positive community, but helps new employees quickly become part of our team.

Measurement values

utilitas GmbH was founded by Peter Haupt in 2001. He originally concentrated on providing consulting services for local SharePoint environments, organizing Office training programs and configuring small business servers. For the past eight years, however, the focus has been on Microsoft Cloud technologies.

The company currently has 30 employees.



Our team

Having a diverse team of men and women of all ages is very important to us. This diversity is what sets us apart and makes us a strong company.

You’re welcome to join us!