Organizing time off can be extremely time-consuming for companies. It involves reviewing the employee’s vacation entitlement and avoiding any potential bans on taking leave or periods of time in which multiple employees are away. Ideally, vacations should be planned to avoid any personnel bottlenecks, and it is essential to designate other employees who can cover during the time off. It is also important to notify everyone affected by an employee’s vacation.

utilitas Vacation Management app simplifies this process for you, organizing the request, approval, cancelation and rescheduling of time off without any manual effort. The app allows you to reproduce your company’s structure, define specific types of time off and approval processes, and edit employee rights and attributes.

The app automatically calculates the amount of vacation entitlement, indicates whether or not a vacation request can be approved, and notifies all affected people of any changes via e-mail. Last but not least, the app is easy to use, and can be accessed from all devices.

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