utilitas organizes workshops with your employees to conduct a commercial and technical analysis of your IT environment. Afterwards, we develop a detailed proposal of what kind of cloud solution would serve your company best in what areas – if at all.

Das utilitas-Team im Gespräch
The utilitas team in a conversation

The commercial analysis involves a rough business case, including a full-cost analysis of where it would make economic sense to use Office 365. utilitas compares the costs of the old and new solutions over a period of four years, and only takes into account the cost savings you could actually achieve. The technical analysis reveals what areas in your company could benefit from a changeover to Office 365 – local Office, e-mail, File Service, etc. – including the technical feasibility of any new solution and the impacts this would have on the existing environment.

Afterwards, you will receive an objective report of the results, a one-page summary including the key points, and a clear recommendation for action. The document, spanning about 20 pages, provides you with a helpful basis to decide whether or not to use Office 365 – and, if so, how.