SharePoint is useful for departments of all kinds, including IT: It’s possible to improve departmental collaboration in practically every company, and IT departments can consolidate applications to simplify operations. Many SharePoint solutions remain unused, however. utilitas explores your requirements in depth to build simple, user-friendly SharePoint solutions that meet your needs.

In the process, utilitas divides your demands into three clear groups:

  • Requirements that can be served with a standard solution, such as an intranet or departmental website, to allow employees to work on documents together.
  • Requirements that require slight adaptations, such as forms for travel expense accounting, or a workflow to control documents.
  • Requirements that cannot be reasonably handled using SharePoint, including databases to manage master data, or invoicing.

utilitas checks to see which category your requirements fall under, recommends effective and logical SharePoint implementations and offers a corresponding solution. These products are extremely easy to use, which means that your employees will be happy and willing to work with them.