Cloud Computing

Comprehensive measurement data, high-resolution images and videos, backup systems, etc. – these are all ways in which company data volumes continue to grow. They also pose major challenges for IT. Instead of relying on local servers, shifting data storage and processing performance to a cloud environment makes it possible to plan and scale the IT infrastructure as needed without completely replacing the existing IT. Cloud services are like electricity from a power outlet: You only pay for what you actually need, and utilitas makes sure that everything works perfectly.

First, you need to answer a few important questions:

  • What still needs to be saved locally? What can be outsourced?
  • What does the transition to cloud computing cost? What steps are involved?
  • Most importantly: Which cloud services make sense in which areas? How? When?

For over eight years, utilitas has successfully advised companies on how to use Microsoft Cloud services with reasonable security standards. Find out which cloud service makes the most economic sense with the Office 365 Decision Template.

Modern Workplace

Peter Haupt
CEO Peter Haupt

Globalization is putting increased pressure on employees to be more productive, as working from home or externally becomes more prevalent. This poses new challenges on how companies work, which in turn impacts IT solutions – pushing them to their limits. Optimized, state-of-the-art IT tools are necessary to enable employees to work more productively when not on site. Of course, IT security needs to be functional enough to avoid presenting any obstacles to external work.

utilitas offers a detailed site analysis of how your company workstations have adapted to new requirements along with modernization options as part of our Modern Workplace Maturity offer.


Everyone’s talking about digitization. Its rapid advance is turning entire industries upside down. Digitization makes it possible to automate and accelerate everyday office tasks and background processes. Today, many products and services only exist in digital form. You’re probably familiar with these examples: Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, myTaxi, Facebook, and Google, to name a few.

Der utilitas-Firmensitz in Aachen
The utilitas office in Aachen

What does this mean for your company? You collect, save and use far more data than you did just a few years ago. But what can you really do about it? It doesn’t always make economic sense to use all of the available technologies offered by digitization. This is why utilitas thoroughly explores your options, points out areas in which such investments would pay off in the future, and develops specific concepts on this basis – including implementation, of course.