Active Directory – or centralized user management – is standard in many companies today. Users log on with their user names and passwords once to access most programs without having to log on multiple times. Such authentication is very secure and convenient because the user is only required to log on once, and IT is not required to constantly assign new passwords. This time-saving convenience should also be available when using the cloud.

Managed Single-Sign-On connects the local user directory with the Microsoft Cloud or Azure user directory, ensuring access to documents, programs and other data in the cloud. Managed Single-Sign-On is specifically operated as ADFS, or Active Directory Federation Services. It is designed to be redundant – there’s also a domain controller in the cloud to ensure that access to all data is possible even without a local server connection.

We can set up this service in a short period of time. It is billed per user and per month, and is supported entirely by utilitas. It offers a guaranteed availability of 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement).