Companies are confronted with massive and constantly growing volumes of data. Local storage, especially in SAN systems, is usually expensive and difficult to expand. Managed StorSimple allows you to reduce your need for local hard drives. It combines the benefits of local servers with the advantages of a cloud without changing anything about your usual directory structure.

A small appliance with a few hard drives replaces the current SAN or NAS – or parts of it. The most important and frequently used data are saved to the small local storage, while rarely used files, programs and backups are moved to the cloud and encrypted with a private key. An algorithm automatically calculates which data is stored locally and which online. Little changes in the users’ daily work – the existing file service and user behavior remain unchanged along with the defined rights structure.

Overview of benefits:

  • Cuts storage costs
  • Unchanged user behavior
  • Private key meets data protection and security requirements
  • Guaranteed 99.9% availability