utilitas is specialized in working for customers with over 250 PC workstations. Our IT solutions vary depending on the size of the company, their industry and working methods. You can see an overview of our many years of project experience here.

We can also put you in touch with our customers to learn more about their experiences.

  • Eurowings

    Eurowings created more flexibility for its employees by allowing mobile data access, and even managed to cut its IT costs.

  • Karstadt Warenhaus

    Karstadt Warenhaus wanted to reduce its IT operating costs for mail and file services, and also wanted to update them. Working with utilitas helped them achieve both goals.

  • Bisnode

    Bisnode was looking for a quick, reliable intranet system in its corporate design. The company has been completely satisfied with our solution for over five years, and also relies on other cloud solutions from utilitas.

  • Meyle+Müller

    Our relationship with Meyle+Müller started with Vacation Management. Since then, utilitas has also updated the company’s central communication tools.

  • Henkell

    Sparkling winemaker Henkell relies heavily on IT services from its own data center. The company is currently using SharePoint Online as a test environment as its first step into the cloud.